Why Made in Italy ?

All of our products are created by specialist artisans and craftsmen, known throughout the world for the excellence of 'Made on Italy', never compromising the quality with quantity.

Italian Luxury Group represents the ingenuity and style associated with true Italian manufacture, and all products are created from products and primary materials sourced in Italy. We offer not only a status symbol but a guarantee of manufacturing and design excellence and immense quality of workmanship and attention to detail; the Italian style so famous throughout the globe, appreciated for its elegance, chosen for its sleek lines and desired for its beauty and originality.

In essence the products Made in Italy are an expression of centuries old artistic traditions and techniques, industrial know how and a culture and knowledge matured and perfected over. The Sistine Chapel wasn't built by just one individual man but an entire workshop of people. Some of these people achieved success others not, but no one can argue that in Italy we have a great capacity to understand and define beauty, to recognize what beauty means and to create it. This is Made in Italy! Our designs are made by men, created by artisans, much different and worlds apart from products made from machines in other parts of the world.

Why Italian Luxury Group ?

Italian Luxury Group will become the new Made in Italy luxury centre on the Australian market.

Prestigious materials, top quality, over 20 years of experience and a deep knowledge of Australian business dynamics. Owing to a business approach, covering three operational levels (Showroom, E-Boutique and CLUB DEL LUSSO) and to a stately and top rank reference target, we assure a very wide exposure to our partners and we open a direct business path towards the rich Asian markets of China, Korea and Japan.

Our company policy is strictly connected to the concepts relating to high quality standards and absolute respect for Italian craftsmen: the real strengths of our entrepreneurial group and the absolute symbols of Made in Italy all over the world.

Our Goal

To share authentic Italian style with everyone ! We want to bring the Italian Artisan to your home and share centuries of tradition and craftsmanship with you. Italy represents passion, creativity, true elegance and a remarkable talent for unbeatable design. It's all this we want to bring to you.

About Us

Italian Luxury Group is a new entrepreneurial project, launched by a Florentine entrepreneur, a manager with over 15 years of experience in the public relations sector and in the one relating to the production of jewellery, fashion accessories, leather goods, top level fancy goods, all featuring two common high-profile elements: top quality of the materials and the strict respect for a completely Italian manufacturing.

We have chosen to start an original and ambitious project: the opening of an elegant Made in Italy centre in Sydney, Australia. The idea is to implement a business hub for Italian fashion and style products of superior quality, thus creating a showcase even for haute-couture jewellery and accessories, in a highly accomodating market context. We possess expertise and competence in a sector that we deeply know and that we interpret according to quality parameters, which are for us essential: we are the defenders of the great Italian manufacturing tradition, which we interpret starting from the deep roots of our territory, Florence, which represents the symbol of the Made in Italy culture all over the world.

Research, innovation, creativity, above all, passion: these are the key concepts of the ILG project. Our collections and the brands, we represent, exclusive and top level, totally show the Made in Italy excellence, a whole, mixing contemporary taste for design as well as a sound respect for handcrafted manufacturing.